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  • Enlight Retail: Exclusive accents for your POS

    The goal of Cocotec is easily described: To bring light in its most beautiful form everywhere, where aesthetic and high-quality design has to lead to an exclusive difference.

    Cocotec's philosophy is also simple: Good is not good enough! Cocotec products should be more reliable, more interesting and more confertible! This is what Cocotec achieves with its constantly growing vertical integration and continuous innovation in production. Whether first freehand designs at the customer's office, CAD/CAM models, or manufacturing of the final product: Cocotec produces precisely, consistently, efficiently and always at the highest level.

  • LED Sidelight Technology

    Cocotec's core product are illuminated surfaces, which are precisely and accurately manufactured in various sizes and shapes - flat, semi-circular or round. The displays are easy to handle, especially when changing the motifs, and have minimal-sized but high-quality aluminium frames. 

    At the heart of the Cocotec Sidelight technology are LED profiles, laser-rastered acrylic panels in combination with precisely matching reflectors, high-quality LED circuit boards and technologies for individual adaptability. They provide optimal, uniform luminance and light colours with the highest durability possible. Networked, secure and durable with incomparable brilliance of the illuminated image and minimum mounting depth. One or two-sided, with dimensions of up to 2 x 2.30 metres or even beyond if multiple light panels are combined.

    However, thanks to thermal acrylic shaping, this technology makes possible many other things: depending on the customer's wishes and requirements, Cocotec provides individual solutions and tailor-made products. Learn more about custom design.