for our customers

  • Custom Design - individual solutions

    Standard products do not offer a unique solution for your project: thanks to Cocotec's advanced process and product know-how, Cocotec helps you to create extraordinary light experiences. Experiences that match your industry, ideas and needs. Especially if you want to be creative yourself, Cocotec is your partner!

    Custom Design - individual solutions for your retail business

    Maximum individuality for customers who want impress. Cocotec creates solutions for every kind of retail – for car dealerships, trade fairs, supermarkets or for the wellness and hotel sector, even in climatically difficult rooms like spa areas. Ask for references!

  • Cocotec combines creativity and inventiveness

    Cocotec develops new production methods on the basis of processing techniques that have been proven in large series and produces across all systems, interdisciplinary and, if required, even individually. Also, necessary electronics are developed and manufactured by Cocotec. During the whole process from circuit diagram design to printed circuit board and finished module, Cocotec focusses on customer-specific solutions – no matter how complex they are. 

    Cocotec founder Peter Schwandt: "You should not only be able to explain the difference in quality, but also see it immediately. For us, this means that we are pushing boundaries and redefining standards. Day in, day out – since many years."

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