High-quality materials,
precisely processed

  • Innovative technology and high-quality acrylic glass by Cocotec

    Acrylic glass (PMMA) is more resistant to deformation and processing than conventional silicate glass, but is also more flexible. Thanks to individual rastering of the acrylic, use of precisely matched reflectors and combination with high-quality LED technology, the material properties of acrylic enable a wide range of creative applications – varying from plane surface lights to (semi-)circular or curved elements. Such products are developed and manufactured at the company’s own production facilities, where Cocotec’s perfection-driven team combines technology, creativity and interdisciplinary know-how.

    high quality, flexible, durable
    Brilliant luminosity and adjustable colour temperature

    The perfect light

    There are many light panels on the lighting technology market, but hardly any other manufacturer offers such a uniform light temperature and effect across several displays. Cocotec has developed a unique formula for processing surfaces, which guarantees an optimal and above all constant light refraction - even over large areas. Green enlightening, because the individual displays are ultra-thin and are characterised by a very efficient energy use.

  • Quality made in Germany

    From planning to series production, from circuit diagram designs and printed circuit boards to finished modules: Cocotec produces as much as possible on its own. Due to its high degree of vertical integration, Cocotec is able to produce cross-system and interdisciplinary. Already at an early stage in the design process, Cocotec takes the overarching tasks and the corresponding connectivity of all products into account. If necessary, Cocotec even provides new production methods to meet your requirements for quality and functionality. In doing so, we make use of the highly complex manufacturing techniques that have been proven in large-scale production. Examples are CNC milling cutters, high-speed laser cutters or 3D-formers for thermal acrylic shaping. Learn more about Cocotec quality here.

    for outstanding product quality

    Innovation made by Cocotec

    Since its foundation, Cocotec has been striving for new and innovative solutions for its customers.  Cocotec's team starts where others give up. In order to achieve extensive and specific customer requirements, Cocotec sometimes even develops new machines and production lines for the production of customized modules.  A development Cocotec has made possible this way, is the production of semi-circular or round illuminated surfaces. The revolutionary thing about it is that the luminance remains constant over the entire surface, without this leading to a reduction in brilliance. These products, which could only be created thanks to Cocotec's constant innovative capacity, give an exclusive look to POS, exhibition stands, shops and products. Cocotec's lighting design also creates unique experiences in the fields of architecture, interior design and museum and exhibition concepts. Read more about Cocotec's innovations here.