LED technology:
Innovation comes
from Cocotec

  • Highest level led technology

    LED technology has redefined traditional standards and evaluation criteria and has also created many possibilities for light designing. In this context, LEDs offer advantages – if high-quality LEDs are used.

    LED technology has a long history and is used in a wide range of applications. The year 1962 is to be regarded as the "birth" of the light-emitting diode when, after about half a century of research, the first LED shone. With less than 0.1 lumens, it was still quite weak and provided only orange red light. Nevertheless, as early as 1970, this innovation was already widely used as a component for pocket calculators, watches and other electronics. 1993 blue LEDs were developed and white ones 2002. Since the 2002s LED technology has become sufficiently mature to use LEDs for lightning and illumination. Today we can find LEDs not only in living rooms, but also in museums and offices, as well for illuminating special architecture. Even in road, rail and air traffic LEDs are used: even aircrafts have been equipped with LED strobe lights for a few years now.

    Application possibilities are still far from being exhausted, because development is ongoing: Despite enormous growth in recent years, the potential for increasing light yield is still enormous. Research related the colour spectrum of LEDs is continues too. The goal of LEDs corresponding to the human eye’s perception of colour and light comes more and more within reach.

    Cocotec is naturally familiar with latest research on LED technology. For the development of new luminaires as well as for the technical refinement of existing luminaire series, Cocotec uses the increasingly versatile application possibilities of light emitting diodes. State-of-the-art and always at the highest level!

    Cocotec quality

    Internationally, Cocotec is known for its extensive know-how in LED technology, because highly efficient LED display technology is a matter of competence. Cocotec makes use of the wide range of LED applications, both in the development of new displays and in the technical improvement of existing luminaire series.

    Cocotec uses only the highest quality and most modern products of renowned manufacturers, or manufactures all necessary components of its products in-house. In any case, Cocotec's quality requirements are much higher than what is considered as the market standard, since Cocotec also is aware of LEDs becoming brighter at each new product development stage. By using integrating sphere, thermal camera and spectral measuring devices Cocotec sets a quality standard that others do not achieve. Before a luminous object is delivered to the customer, Cocotec's team measures the luminous intensity of each module. If necessary elements are adjusted to make sure that your new display securely matches the existing ones. High-quality protective components finish the high-end-product. High-quality fuse components finalize the quality product.

  • Thermal management for durability

    While conventional light emitting diodes are designed for around 20,000 operating hours, Cocotec's LED products have a service life of at least 50,000 operating hours. This is made possible by sophisticated temperature regulation and various safety mechanisms: In this way, not only the overheating of individual components is prevented, but also the perfect operating temperature and thus a long service life is guaranteed. With the development of the thermal management technique, Cocotec has made an important innovation for the longevity of LED displays and LED products and has established its reputation as a leading manufacturer.

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