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  • Functional and aesthetic surfaces

    From the first CAD to the last CAM cut. Cocotec cuts, drills, mills, melts, shapes, decoats and engraves a wide variety of materials. High-level material processing for surfaces up to 2 x 3 m - precise, consistent and efficient.

    With high-end cutting and engraving lasers, CNC milling, high-speed engraving lasers equipped with scanner technology, automatic profile saw systems, devices for thermal acrylic shaping and many other special machines. And if necessary, the Cocotec team even develops new production methods based on the company's own processing techniques. Cross-system and interdisciplinary, until the components meet the highest expectations in terms of design, quality and delivery timing.

    The functionality of Cocotec products lies in their aesthetics. No matter whether you want to use Cocotec products for designing your premises, POS, museum or event, or for showing advertisements at your trade fair stand: all Cocotec products and surfaces are characterized by such a high-quality finishing that it is not the Cocotec receiving full attention, but your message. In addition to the impressive production, this is achieved by installing state-of-the-art and in-house developed technology. Modern LED luminaires ensure that all Cocotec products always shine the right light, perfectly matching the situation. Of course, luminosity and colour temperature of the displays and luminous surfaces are fully adjustable in order to suit functional or aesthetic purposes and wishes perfectly. This applies equally to the shape as well to the dimensions of the products: Cocotec ensures that everything meets your expectations and your specifications in terms of aesthetics and function.

    What, at the end, is shown on the display of course is up to you, because Cocotec designs the surface of its products completely according to your wishes. This makes Cocotec products just as aesthetic as functional.