We guarantee

  • Quality in all dimensions

    Cocotec supplies technical solutions that inspire customers, from individual pieces to large series production. Cocotec products impress not only by their size, but also by the quality of finishing and materials.

    Looking at surfaces, criteria such as light colour, illumination, colour spectrums, lightfastness and perfect contrasts make the Cocotec panels a highlight in LED displays. The panels are easy to handle, especially when changing the motifs, have high-quality aluminium frames with minimal dimensions and are also extremely economical and of the highest possible quality.

    Thanks to sophisticated measuring and testing techniques at all stages of production and an ever-growing vertical integration and innovation, Cocotec does pay attention to all this: always precise, dimensionally accurate, efficient and at the highest level.

  • Innovation and creation

    Flexibility, innovation and creativity are not just words for Cocotec, but values. Together with an exceptionally high-quality standard, Cocotec combines interdisciplinary material, process and product know-how.

    Out of different thematic focusses, a highly motivated team expresses this knowledge in unique and innovative solutions for the B2B communication sector, which differ positively from existing products of competitors.